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Umai, Taichu-Taiwan

Great success at Umai's second restaurant with tables
turned over five times a day. What is the secret?
Thursday, 12:56 pm
All tables are filled before noon, and there are many mothers with children. Yakiniku is gaining popular as a wholesome food that helps mothers, weary and worn out from child rearing, regain vitality.
Thursday, 7:27 pm
There are fewer families here compared to the flagship restaurant. The majority of the diners are in their eary 30's. Tables between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm cannot be reserved unless you make a reservation three weeks in advance.
Friday, 11:12 am
Customer traffic continues without interruption after the restaurant opens at 11:00 am. Twelve minutes later, seven tables are occupied and by 11:30 am, all tables on the second and third floors are filled with diners.

Why so popular?
The restaurant places the highest priority on meeting customer expectations.
If you eat one or two dishes, you will understand why tables are turned over five times a day.
Reason 1: warm, natural smiles show the staff's spirit of hospitality toward customers.
Reason 2: Freshly squeezed fruit juice, such as kiwi juice, freshens your mouth and helps you eat more Yakiniku.
Reason 3: Restaurant staff is very attentive to maintain tables clutter-free, quickly removing plates and used wet wipes.

Ms.Joy deligently cleans rest rooms. ( July 2013) Fair appraisal for work
As a general rule, the rest rooms are cleaned once an hour. However, Mr./Ms. Cho, a student and part time worker, always cleaned the rest rooms whenever he/she found them dirty. When asked the reason in an interview in July 2013, he/she said, "I'm simply doing what makes me happy." A year later, he/she was promoted to manager of Umai's second restaurant. Umai values discreet efforts on a fair basis. Umai's strength is an established trust between executives and employees.
Some customers don't mind driving one hour to come to Umai. Second anniversary
Umai does no advertising and instead, aims to attract customers through word-of-mouth. The family in the photo drove one hour to come to Umai for lunch. With an ehthusiastic recommendation from a family member, they came to the restaurant. They promised to come back sometime soon with the whole family. This couple celebrated the first anniversary of dating at a steak restaurant, but there was no special service there. Umai commemorated their special day with warm hospitality. They made a pledge to celebrate their third anniversary at Umai.
Well received chicken stock soup offered before and after meal
This is an interesting soup. Drinking this soup before the meal as a substitute for tea stimulates your appetite and drinking it after the meal freshens up your mouth. There are quite a few diners who love this soup and ask for refills, inrespective of gender and age. Umai uses its ingenuity and puts a great deal of thought into keeping customer palates fresh by offering soup and rice gruel.
Umai started to use organic rice to serve its customers safe ingredients.
The pleasure of doing someone a service
Umai donates organic vegetables, which are purchased from contract farmers to be used at restaurants, to four educational institutions in Taichu. Since these are private entities, they are grateful for this regular support. Part of Umai's employee training to teach the pleasure of doing someone a service through corporate social responsibility. This pleasure will form the foundation of customer service. When being appreciated by someone becomes their pleasure, the employees can truely experience the synergy of food service and business, making for low employee turnover.

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